Commissioned Research


The vision of the Academic Research Centre (ARC) is to be a leading centre in academic research, transcending conventional academic boundaries. We offer a wide range of services to small or large entities in their academic pursuits. The Centre has an international rich pool of interdisciplinary experts with proven records of academic and professional achievements. We have research capacity to conduct sound scientific research, build sustainable academic institutions, and identify solutions to key national, regional and international problems. ARC has the capacity to provide local and national policy-makers with a broad range of high-quality, relevant evidence-based technical support to inform decision-making. We can also offer targeted capacity building programmes to both public and private sector institutions and organisations.

ARC therefore offers its quality services to development agencies, public and private sector entities, as well as individual professionals. These include:

  • Consulting activities concerning
  • Monograph studies
  • Technical or scientific opinions
  • Legal and policy reviews
  • Opinions on project activities
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical and scientific assistance
  • Academic programme reviews
  • Programme evaluations.
  • Analyses, inspections, tests and other items of interest to the commissioning agencies (Government, Development Agencies and Private Sector)
  • Research collaborations
  • Dissemination of results obtained from previous studies or research carried out within the Centre
  • Interpretation of research findings into Policy Briefs that are readily implementable

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