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Religious Studies

A Socio-historical Hermeneutical Analysis of Pauline and Lukan Pneumatological Traditions: A case study of the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe

Rev Chamburuka, Phillemon Munyaradzi
Published 12/07/2018
Article License:
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Pneumatological traditions shaped the life and identity of the Early Church and has an impact on the pneumatological traditions in the churches today. However, most readers have a tendency of reading pneumatological passages in a linear sense (which some scholars like Dunn 1990 calls literal interpretation), therefore, this article seeks to apply a socio-historical hermeneutical analysis of the Pauline and Lukan pneumatological tradition. A socio-historical analysis brings to the fore the context of these pneumatological trends by assessing the intention of the author and establishing the purpose or the reasons which led to the development of pneumatological traditions. This article will focus on debates associated with the notion that glossolalia is an initial evidence of baptism in the Spirit. The selection of this pneumatological tradition has been inspired by the different interpretations of pneumatological passages in churches today especially among Pentecostals. We will have a case study of the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) which is the oldest Pentecostal church in Zimbabwe. The article concludes that most churches including AFM have a selective reading of pneumatological passages and lack depth on the socio-historical background of pneumatological traditions in the New Testament. The article demonstrates that New Testament pneumatological traditions developed independently of each other and served a specific purpose in each Christian community even though in essence we encounter unity and diversity in these pneumatological traditions. Hence churches, theologians, pastors, prophets, prophetesses, apostles and the laity must be exposed the socio-historical background of key pneumatological traditions in the New Testament to avoid manipulation of pneumatological passages for personal interest and pneumatological fundamentalism.

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