Commissioned Research


The Academic Research Centre can be commissioned to undertake research in a wide range of areas in both social and natural sciences. ARC has the capacity to provide local and national policy-makers and development partners with a broad range of high-quality, relevant evidence-based technical support to inform decision-making. ARC offers its quality services to development agencies, public and private sector entities, as well as individual professionals.

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Doctoral Thesis Support

We offer Doctoral Research Training Programmes which are designed to support Doctoral candidates in all fields of study and from any university, in their research-related activities. We also provide tailor-made individualised research support through our international pool of high-calibre academics, to provide personal guidance at all stages of Doctoral research for each candidate requiring support. Such services can be arranged at individual level or institutionally to ensure candidates get support from the initial proposal stage to completion of the thesis.

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Research Training

Junior Academics

We offer tailor-made research training workshops on request for junior academics with at least a Masters degree, from a multiplicity of disciplines and academic institutions. The academics will benefit from a supportive network of leading researchers who draw on a well-established evidence base to undertake theoretical and applied work in higher education and the professions. The training programmes are intended to prepare them for their Doctoral studies or enhance their capacity to research for publication.

Academic Professional Development

ARC offers individual and group training in multiple disciplines to foster creative problem solving and fusion of disciplines into novel inter-disciplines. We seek to promote career development of pre-doctoral, post-doctoral and early career scientists interested in conducting research and keep abreast with trends in various disciplines. Participants in such programmes have the opportunity to participate in developing academic networks for their professional and academic development through interaction with leading experts in their relevant fields and beyond.

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