Doctoral Thesis Support

To complete Doctoral studies successfully, candidates require high-level research and advanced research competencies. ARC offers a Doctoral Research Support Programme which provides a series of services designed to support Doctoral students in all fields of study and from all universities in their research-related activities. Tailor made individual research support from academics of high repute is offered to provide personal guidance at all stages of Doctoral research for each candidate requiring support.

Supported by a team of highly qualified resource persons, ARC offers specialised and general Doctoral research training to cater for the needs of candidates of all academic disciplines. The research training is intended to support Doctoral-graduate students at all levels who have had little or no previous experience of doing research. Essential information on research, tips and advice will be shared at these workshops while giving candidates an opportunity to interact with other doctoral candidates at the same stage or in the same disciplines.

Participants in the programmes remain enrolled in their universities and continue to receive their supervision and degrees from their home institution.

The services offered include:

  • Individual Research Support
  • Interdisciplinary Research Training
  • Thesis language and Technical Editing
  • Online Academic Engagement
  • Thesis Seminars
  • Research Symposia
  • Research Network Social Meetings
  • Thesis Packaging
  • Co-Supervision
  • Mock Defence
  • Seminars and Workshops

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